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Tina Fey Signs a Deal with Universal Pictures, Works With Girls Writer

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Tina Fey is working with Girls writer Sarah Heyward on the gambling comedy You Bet! which is based on, wait for it.........a Good Housekeeping article.


Deadline describes You Bet! as “a star vehicle for Fey to play one of three women who, when struggling financially, learn to count cards in Atlantic City.”

The project (which has been in the works) is part of Fey’s recent two-year deal for her production company Little Stranger through Universal Pictures, home of the Fey and Amy Poehler buddy comedy Sisters. Despite opening alongside Star Wars, Sisters has grossed a respectabe $86 million domestically.


Fey is also working with Universal on a movie co-starring Ronda Rousey, titled Do Nothing Bitches.

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I love Tina Fey with all of my heart but her magnum opus will always be Mean Girls