British Adolescents Create Instagram Accounts Inspired By Gossip Girl

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Because adolescence is a blithesome, tranquil time when we treat our peers with the tenderest sympathy and respect, a number of English secondary school students have created anonymous Instagram accounts inspired by the show Gossip Girl.

And alas, the youth of Doncaster are not using these accounts as opportunities to share affirming thoughts about their fellow classmates. (Shocking, I know.) The Daily Mail reports that McAuley Catholic High School in Doncaster, South Yorkshire is investigating one such Instagram account “where comments have been made about students’ alleged sexual activity.” The police are involved in the investigation, and pupils have been admonished that “they could face criminal proceedings” if they are found responsible for creating the account, or even commenting on it.

In case you need a refresher, Gossip Girl, which aired from 2007 until 2012, chronicles the lives of posh prep school students from the Upper East Side in Manhattan. An anonymous blogger narrates the show, divulging the juiciest stories involving this crowd of extremely white, privileged, and genetically anointed youths.


McAuley mentioned in a statement that “there are a number of similar accounts being used at ‘most if not all Doncaster secondary schools.’” And apparently, they have not been labelled with especial imagination. The Catholic school has determined that “young people across Doncaster are accessing the user name Gossip Girl on Instagram.”

According to a school spokesman, “each Gossip Girl conversation includes derogatory comments about dozens of students and their alleged sexual activity.”

Every once in awhile, I take a moment to feel grateful that my high school classmates and I only had comparatively rudimentary tools with which to ruin one another’s lives. Tonight is yet another one of those times.

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Fuzzy Socks

For some reason*, when I read the headline I was thinking some British teens made instagram accounts for the characters and I was like “omg I want to follow Blair on IG!” Really disappointed to find out this is not the case.

*Weed, the reason is weed.