Jessica Jones Is Returning for a Second Season

Netflix announced today that Marvel’s Jessica Jones is returning for a second season. Though nearly every Netflix show gets a second season, there was some question as to whether or not Krysten Ritter’s perfectly broody Jones would return anytime soon.


Last year, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg had indicated that a second season might be difficult given Netflix’s filming schedule for Daredevil (whose second season returns on March 18), Luke Cage, and the planned crossover The Defenders. In a November interview, Rosenberg said that she’d like a second season of Jessica Jones, but:

The question becomes is there actual time? There are logistics involved, because Defenders has to shoot by a certain time, contractually. Actually, I’m not sure; I’m not at all involved in those conversations, much to my dismay. The first question is whether or not we will even get a second season. The second question is, if so, when? Will it be before The Defenders or after? I’d certainly love it to be before but there are things that play into that — time, availability.


There was speculation that Jessica Jones wouldn’t return for her own second season, but instead, be a regularly recurring character in Netflix’s many Marvel shows. But it looks like we’ll get at least one more season of the wonderfully complex show.

Netflix did not announce when the second season will begin filming or when it will be released, so we might have to wait for The Defenders before Jones’ second season.

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Yeeessss! I am SO IN. Even if I hadn’t loved it - which I did - it’d be fun just to watch the MRAs crying about it again!

It’ll be interesting to see if Jessica’s still equally prickly now that she’s beginning to recover. I’m into it either way, but deeply curious. Such a deep, well-drawn character!