A Beloved 'Cougar Den' Is Closing In Southern California

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It’s a sad day for love. A notorious hotspot for mature ladies and the men who love them in Anaheim Hills, California is closing down.


The bar Foxfire is shutting its doors after three decades of what look like some pretty legendary evenings for the proud, self-proclaimed MILFS and cougars. OC Weekly writes:

Sure ain’t ‘cause it’s dead: since its opening over 30 years ago, Foxfire has been one giant armada of experienced beauties ready to have fun and not ashamed of it. They were so aggressive, they made their rivals at The Quiet Woman and Gulfstream seem as meek as nuns. Foxfire became code in the male Southern California world for fun, for men to try their Leykis 101 moves and get lucky again and again. And there was fun for ladies who were looking for sugar daddies, too!


Looking through a slideshow of the “experienced women,” I have to say that Foxfire sure looked like a good time. Hopefully the ladies will be able to keep the party going—the owner is looking for another spot to reopen sometime this year. Meanwhile, doors are expected to close on February 1st, so if you’re in the area, there’s still some time for a May-December love connection.

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