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Brendan Dassey's Half-Brother Releases Rap in His Defense Entitled 'They Didn't Do It'

Illustration for article titled Brendan Dasseys Half-Brother Releases Rap in His Defense Entitled They Didnt Do It

Netflix’s docu-series Making a Murderer depicted a number of grotesque miscarriages of justice, regardless of whether one believes Steven Avery committed the murder of Teresa Halbach. The most affecting injustice was the mistreatment of Brendan Dassey, Avery’s learning-disabled 16-year-old nephew who was improperly questioned and ultimately transformed into a tool for the prosecution. Now, Dassey, who is serving a life sentence in prison, has one more public champion: His half-brother, Brad Dassey.


On Sunday, Dassey released a song entitled, “They Didn’t Do It,” in Brendan’s defense. And honestly, it’s kind of a banger.

The chorus, performed with a lot of spirit by the self-proclaimed “indie Christian rapper,” goes like this:

They didn’t do it, they didn’t do it.

Come to your senses, everything is just foolish.

Things clearly show that it was just a joke

Cops were only there just to prod and poke.

My personal favorite line is: “Lock, boom, bam... GONE!” The song reportedly took over 10 straight hours of writing and recording. Listen below:


Correction: A previous version of this article quoted a lyric as “Lock, boom, bam... GUN!” The lyric is actually “Lock, boom, bam... GONE!”

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I have so much second hand embarrassment right now. Haven’t even clicked play.

We didn’t need this. This didn’t need to happen.