Iggy Azalea Releases a New Track, Promises a 'Very Blessed Month for Azaleans'

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Lover of Papa John’s pizza and the internet’s least favorite person, Iggy Azalea, released a new track, “Azillion.” The first single from her new album “Digital Distortions,” is a song, well, that exists. In either a threat or a promise, Azalea promised on Twitter that January would be filled with new releases, calling the next few weeks a “very blessed month for Azaleans.” As a side note, Azaleans sound like a group of people that inhabit a post-apocalyptic world in a YA novel.


At any rate, here’s the single in all of its glory:


Image via AP.

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She rhymed million with billion and zillion? Intelligent lyrics.

And that accent she uses makes me really uncomfortable.