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Don Lemon Out-Don Lemons Himself, Tells Kathy Griffin She Has a 'Nice Rack' on Camera

Considering his track record of saying dumb offensive shit, we really shouldn’t be surprised. And yet. And yet, my friends.


In one segment of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin’s awkward shitshow of a gig co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve program last night—at an earlier point, Griffin peppered A.C. with a bunch of cool questions like “Would you kiss Caitlyn Jenner open mouth?”—Kathy took her top off and walked around Times Square.

“Do you want your coat back? Do you want your coat back?” Anderson pleaded several times, laughing uncomfortably. Don Lemon, evidently, felt differently:

“And I have to say, Kathy: nice rack. I didn’t know you had all of that going on up there, I applaud you for that.”


Griffin laughed, appearing characteristically unfazed. According to New York Daily News, Lemon appeared to have been drinking quite a bit over the course of the night; Lemon’s co-host Brooke Baldwin, face contorted and possibly imagining lawsuits, grabbed the microphone and yelled, “Cutting him off!”

“Wow, what is in that cup?” Anderson asked quietly.

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“Wow, what is in that cup?” Anderson asked quietly.

Probably 300 cc’s or so.