Saturday Evening Social: Ugly Christmas Sweater Inspiration

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Here we are, another week gone and inching ever closer to the end of 2015 (buh-bye, you shitty, shitty year). And for those celebrating Christmas, Ugly Christmas Sweaters, or both, time is running out to procure your very own knitted atrocity. TMZ tells us that these little numbers from Fresh Brewed Tees are doing quite well. I’m partial to the Kim sweater because, well, I’m partial to Kim.


Enjoy your Saturday evenings, my babies! Until next time, I bid you farewell to take an early evening nap.

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The Noble Renard

Hey Jezzies!

I wanted to reach out to get some outside perspective from the awesome group of people that usually spends time in SNS posts. This week I had three separate people (one of them a bona fide troll, the other two seemingly not) accuse me of dominating the conversation around here lately. The troll and one of the other posters also accused me of mansplaining, which is something I actually try very hard not to do.

But that did get me thinking and I realized that with moriarty’s ringtone gone, I am now one of the more visible posters on Jezebel when it comes to the politics threads or sometimes other threads.

So, I put to you all a couple questions:

1. Do you think I post too much? Should I dial it back to give other people more room to thrive?

2. Is there a kernel of truth in the mansplaining? I certainly recognize that the majority of you are women and here I am, a (mostly) straight white male, talking about women’s issues. So I am very interested to hear if I can improve on this.

This really isn’t me compliment fishing, it’s more complaint-fishing so I can get better!

Hope you’re all having an awesome Saturday night.