Tina Fey Recounts Tender Girlhood Memory Of Trying On a Bra in Public

Recalling the certain horrors of growing up as a nerd becomes more palatable when Cool Dork Tina Fey chronicles her own humble—often humiliating—youth. She recently did just that on the Graham Norton Show, with, of course, some prompting from the host.


Seated between Kurt Russell and Josh Widdicombe (who also reveals some childhood embarrassments) Fey describes a particularly catastrophic haircut, produced “by folding my face in half and cutting out a heart” and her first experience trying on a bra. If your mother also made of a habit of finding especially traumatic ways to shop for undergarments, well, take solace. In 1980, a ten-year-old Tina stood mortified in the middle of J.C. Penney as her mother obliged her to try on a bra over her clothes.

Many of us were still rocking frontal boards at ten, so Fey was, developmentally speaking, early to blossom. But she emphasizes that she was “well into my late twenties” before engaging in any frisky business — i.e. encountering a penis outside the pages of a medical journal.


Stand proud, Tina Fey. Own your history. And hell, those of us who are penis-oriented have our entire lives to—err—engage with them. There’s certainly no rush.

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I just watch the “No, Mommy! No, Mommy, no!” part over and over again.

My favorite Graham Norton is the Steve Carell, Kristin Wiig, Chris O’Dowd fly one.