Ben Affleck has a tattoo on his back. Reporters first noticed it in July, after someone photographed what appeared to be dragon tail peeking out from under his shirt. Could it be...? No, it couldn’t, we all thought at the time. But thanks to a more revealing image of Affleck on the set of his new film Live By Night published today by Us Weekly, we know it both could be and is a tattoo of...a big fucking dragon.

Due to the complicated (and expensive) issues surrounding image rights, we’re unable to publish the incredible new photograph of Affleck’s new ink, so you’ll have to settle for our descriptions of it:


Kate Dries:

“The physical manifestation of a mid-life crisis. The thing a man who doesn’t realize he won’t be able to fuck whoever he wants forever does.”

Emma Carmichael:

“Triggering. A tramp stamp for a magic the gathering league.”

Clover Hope:

“Ben’s youth.”

Julianne Shepherd:

Hit the Chronic(WHAT!)les of Narnia.”

Kelly Faircloth:

“A 15-year-old mega nerd’s tattoo. It’s also very DragonLance cover art.”

Hillary Crosley Coker:

“Not even sure Bobby, not even sure. Divorced dad sadness, personified in ink.”

Jia Tolentino:

“Visual disembowelment.”

Bobby Finger:

“When Jennifer Garner saw it, I bet she just sighed and went into another room.”

I reached out to Affleck’s publicists for comment on whether or not his big fucking dragon tattoo is permanent or for a film role, and doubt they’ll ever respond to me.



Kate: oh shit the tat is a phoenix

Kate: how did we like

overlook that



Kate: wanna update in a funny way

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Image via Bobby Finger.