ABC Cancels Wicked City Just Three Episodes In

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Goodnight, sweet prince. After only three episodes, ABC has pulled the mini-blinds down on Wicked City. The serial killer drama starred Ed Westwick and Erika Christensen as a murderous couple living in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, and was inspired by real-life serial killer couple Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy, known as the Sunset Strip Killers.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show opened up to poor reviews and historically low ratings. Wicked City had been planned as the kickoff to a new anthology series, with a new story and characters each season, similar to American Horror Story and American Crime Story. Five episodes that had already been shot will remain unaired. There’s no word yet on whether they will be released at some point in the future on a different viewing platform, such as Netflix or Hulu.

Was I the only one that cared about Wicked City? Sure, there are tons of serial killer-themed television shows, but this one had Chuck Bass (Westwick), the stalker from Swimfan (Christensen), Elton from Clueless (Jeremy Sisto), Diana Ross’ son/Ashlee Simpson baby daddy (Evan Ross), plus the lovely Taissa Farmiga, who sadly, has not been on American Horror Story for two seasons.

At least there’s good news for Jia Tolentino: Shark Tank repeats will take over Wicked City’s slot, starting November 17.

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I was into it. Chuck Bass:Serial Killer was pretty exciting for me.

Plus anything with Jeremy Sisto.

I wish they had made the fact that it was an anthology more prominent. That makes much more sense than wondering how they’d pull this story into multiple seasons, as good as it was.