Seth Rogen Somehow Remembers Eating 60 Grams of Shrooms in Amsterdam

Seth Rogen stopped by Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night to promote his next project, The Night Before, a film about a drug-induced Christmas adventure. He also recalled the time he got high on 60 grams of Dutch shrooms.


In one of his most classic high tales, Rogen says when he was 18, he and a friend bought 60 grams of wet mushrooms in Amsterdam and hatched a plan to have a picnic in the park. Of course, the shrooms kicked in as they were shopping for grocery supplies and Rogen later ended up spending an hour in a Dutch cafe bathroom.

“I don’t even know if I went. I don’t know what came out of where,” he says. The story ends with a pool of vomit :) and an impromptu trip to Paris. “I remember thinking, I did so many drugs I wound up in another country,” he says.

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“60 grams of wet mushrooms”

What would that dry out to, I wonder? I need a frame of reference!