An Oregon man is facing a public indecency charge for allegedly masturbating to the sexy costume photos inside a Portland Halloween store last week. According to The Smoking Gun, Nigel Smith, 36, was spotted ‚Äúwhacking off‚ÄĚ by a female customer and an employee.


And when approached, this fine gentleman was none too pleased to have his time with Sexy George Washington interrupted:

When a male employee then confronted Smith, he allegedly shoved the worker and sought to run from the store. The employee told cops that he subsequently tackled Smith, who bit him.

When a Portland cop arrived at the business, Smith was pinned to the ground outside the Halloween store by three men. Officer Matthew Bigoni reported seeing a ‚Äúvery noticeable wet spot on the front of [Smith‚Äôs] grey sweat shorts, directly in front of his genitals.‚ÄĚ Smith ‚Äúsaid it was sweat,‚ÄĚ added Bigoni.


Smith was charged with felony public indecency and assault. He was also convicted of public indecency back in 2010, so, Oregon costume shoppers: keep an eye out for this scary dude.

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