Elizabeth Banks and Anna Kendrick Will Return for Pitch Perfect 3

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Almost immediately after Pitch Perfect 2 hit theaters, Rebel Wilson told the Los Angeles Times that a Pitch Perfect 3 was in the works. That was in March and, at the time, only Wilson was confirmed for the film. Now The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Elizabeth Banks has signed on to direct the third installment of the series.


In addition to Banks and Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow will return as America’s favorite a cappella singers. Banks will also produce the film with her husband Max Handelman.

Pitch Perfect 2 was Banks’ directorial debut and THR notes that the film, which earned $285.2 million at the box office, “marked the highest domestic opening ever for a first-time director.” Banks is also scheduled to direct the reboot of Charlie’s Angels. A nice reminder for Hollywood that women can make financially successful films.


Pitch Perfect 3 is scheduled for a 2017 release.

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Well that gives me about two years to watch Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfecter before Pitch Perfectest is released on On Demand. Totally do-able.