Thinx Period Panty Ads Are Coming to One Lucky L Train Station

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Thinx and New York City’s MTA have found common ground in their week-long public fight over period panty advertisements on the subway.


“They let us keep all copy as is,” Miki Agrawal, CEO of Thinx told Jezebel.

Earlier this week, Jezebel reported that Thinx panty advertisements were turned away by Outfront Media, a company that handles advertising needs for the MTA. Outfront said the ads, including the word “period” along with a runny egg, half of a grapefruit and women in underwear, were “too suggestive” and promoted “graffiti.” Thinx pushed back and brought the conversation to social media, where subway riders pointed out that women’s breasts have long been suggested with images of fruit on the New York trains, so why are these food stuffs suddenly a problem?


Then the MTA called a truce and finally announced they’d approve the ads with the word “period” in the copy.

“Outfront Media tried to have us omit them before submitting them [to the MTA] but we prevailed!” added Agrawal of the images.

The ads will debut on November 10 at the L train’s Bedford station. Congrats, period panty ads for everyone (in Williamsburg).

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This image is more upsetting to me than anything else associated with this campaign. I’d rather see real human blood than what I assume is supposed to be reminiscent of a big fat clot?