Plane Crash Survivor Harrison Ford Is Now Crashing Weddings

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Six months ago, Harrison Ford crashed a World War II plane on Los Angeles golf course which was a monumental bummer. But, much like Star Wars, Ford is back—and now he’s restricting himself to crashing weddings.


During a recent—and thankfully uneventful—helicopter excursion, Ford landed near a wedding reception being held at Malibu’s Saddlerock Ranch. Page Six reports that “he made sure to pose for a picture with the bride and groom” before departing.

The crash, apparently the result of “a carburetor problem,” left Ford with a broken pelvis and ankle. But he was resolute in making a full recovery and returning to the open air; he began flying again in May 2015.

Flying an antique plane from World War II seems a little, oh, bonkers no matter how well-trained a pilot is. But I suppose the important thing is that Ford is safe, healed, and ready to greet his thousands of devotees as that Han Solo guy (sorry pals, I just don’t get Star Wars).

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