Dude Calls in Fake Bomb Threat to Get Fired From Chocolate Factory Job

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Working in a chocolate factory apparently isn’t as whimsical as it sounds. At least not to a former employee who hated his job at a Vermont factory so much, he tried to get fired by calling in a false bomb threat. Dramatic, much?

22-year-old Kristofer Pregent stole a co-worker’s cellphone and made the threat under a different employee’s name, according to AP. Then he threw the phone in a toilet tank for some reason. Pregent first told police he received a bomb threat, then later changed his story. Finally, he confessed to the officers he was unhappy with his job and wanted to GTFO.

You’d think he’d have come up with an easier, more creative way to get fired from this kind of establishment. Shaping chocolate pieces into one giant turd and leaving it on his boss’s desk. Constructing a penis-shaped mold to make hundreds of chocolate dicks. Pouring bags upon bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos into a giant vat of chocolate. Delicious!


Pregent is now facing charges of false public alarm, petit larceny and unlawful mischief.

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did the bomb look like this?