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Diplo Scolds the 'Balding Music Critics' at Pitchfork Over Reporting Error

Illustration for article titled Diplo Scolds the Balding Music Critics at Pitchfork Over Reporting Error

Diplo has had it up to here with music critics, specifically “balding music critics who can only review Future and Drake and terrible indie rock.” That’s very specific.


Over the weekend, Pitchfork picked up a TMZ news story (or TMz, per Diplo) about a stabbing in Vegas and wrote that it took place at a Diplo and Skrillex (aka Jack Ü) show in Vegas.

Diplo later clarified on Twitter that the stabbing was actually during David Guetta’s set. Easy mistake. All you EDM dudes look alike:


No, he didn’t stop there.

Diplo somewhat retracted his negative feelings about bald men.


But it should be noted that he originally referred to balding critics, not bald ones, so balding lives still don’t matter to Diplo until further notice. If you’re a balding music critic at Pitchfork, please speak up.


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Diplo in the news for being a whiny manbaby! I AM SHOCKED.