Drake and Serena Williams Look Like They Like Each Other

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Drake and Serena Williams may be closer than we thought. How close? I mean, look. They’re pretty close. Are they dating? Looks like they’re “something.” Definitely not nothing.


TMZ says the pair was seen neck-nuzzling in front of their food plates in a private section of the Italian restaurant Sotto in Cincinnati after Serena’s WTA match (yes, she won). There are multiple creep shots to prove it.

The two reportedly had a round of tequila shots with a group of six. Serena probably smiled, the first real smile Drake’s received from a woman since his mom’s best friend Judy called his beard “very nice” a few months ago.


Drake, in case you forgot, has spent the better half of the year getting beefed up in preparation for moments like this. He’s also been spotted cheering Serena on at matches while whispering under his breath, “I love you...” and “One day...” She’s been on his mind for some time now. She’s always on his mind.

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Drake stays loving these women who are straight up OUT OF HIS LEAGUE. Bless him.