The internet has shown us many a strange marriage proposal. Some lackluster, some weird and some, straight up frightening.

A Los Angeles couple’s Back to the Future-themed engagement photo has recently gone viral, but their unique marriage story actually started at the proposal. Last year, Alec Wells dressed up like Michael Myers, the serial killer character from Halloween, to propose to his horror movie-loving girlfriend, Katherine Canipe. The magic moment took place on the same street where a scene from the movie had been filmed, EW reports.

As a fellow lover of horror, I had to wonder, “Of all the other scary movie villains, who else would make a truly terrifying marriage proposal???”


Pennywise from Stephen King’s It

The proposal setting would be next to a storm drain, where Pennywise’s creepy clown voice emits from the drain, asking for your hand in a lifelong partnership. Suddenly, a bunch of colorful balloons would materialize in front of you. Pop each balloon, until one reveals a two-carat diamond solitaire! (Warning: this marriage proposal is recommended for those who DON’T have coulrophobia—or fear of clowns.)

Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street


A proposal that comes straight from your dreams: you’re relaxing in a nice, warm bath after a long day. Suddenly, Freddy Krueger’s glove slowly rises from the water, holding that ol’ familiar blue box from Tiffany & Co!

Jason from Friday the 13th


This would all go down during an impromptu camping weekend at Crystal Lake. You wake up in the cabin to sound of a machete chopping...something. Fresh veggies! Jason’s making brunch for your very special day.

Jigsaw from Saw


You’d have to solve an extremely elaborate puzzle before you even GET to the big question!

The Scream Mask a.k.a Ghostface


The entire proposal would happen via crank call. “What’s your favorite romantic comedy?”

Pinhead from Hellraiser


The engagement ring would be presented in the Lament Configuration box, obviously. And there would be SO much leather in the wedding party!

Next comes planning for the big event. First up, get the twins from The Shining as flower girls. Congratulations!


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