Saturday Night Social: It's Cheat Day for The Rock

I am constantly entertained and intrigued by anything The Rock eats.

For his latest “cheat meal,” Mr. Dwayne Johnson posed in front of a giant platter of sweet treats that included stacks of brownies topped with cinnamon buns. What, no ice cream?

Happy Saturday!


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My dear, sweet brother Numsie!

You know what’s awkward? Having an acquaintances 6 year old grab at my charm bracelet and then relentlessly beg me for two of the charms off of it.

I explained that every charm has a meaning for me and that the two she was asking me to give her represent my father, who passed last August, and my First Nations heritage. She started crying, hard when I refused her the second and third and fourth time.

It got to the point where two of the people in the room actually suggested I just give them to her and that I was being silly about the whole situation. WHAT THE FUCK, ADULTS!? Don’t encourage that type of behavior! Go to a Sabo store and buy them yourself if you think she needs them to be happy.

Her mother came to see what the problem was and was mortified, but I had to deal with side-eye from the two kid supporters while Greedy Little Gretchen balled her eyes out.

Then mommy started asking questions about how much the whole rig cost me. Double super awkward.