There’s Going to Be an Archie Musical

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More and more of your childhood icons are being made into musicals. This time, Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the Riverdale gang are coming to the Broadway stage.


Funny or Die’s Adam McKay will be writing the book for the musical. “Archie represents a bygone era of America, and like all bygone eras, there are elements we miss and elements that should be bygone,” McKay, who was also behind Anchorman and Talladega Nights, said in a statement, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “This will be a musical that deals with both those realities in a bright, colorful and slightly demented way.”

A slightly-demented Archie always sounds interesting. No further details about the production have been released, so there’s no word on whether a famous celebrity will be stepping into the well-heeled shoes of Veronica Lodge.


This past July, Archie comics got a brand new reboot and a planned one-hour drama called Riverdale, based on the characters, was announced to have moved to the CW network.

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Archie or Reggie? Betty or Veronica? The answer to that question pretty much tells all.