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Kim Kardashian Invents Genius Idea to Improve Twitter

Illustration for article titled Kim Kardashian Invents Genius Idea to Improve Twitter

Don’t you hate when you come up with a clever tweet only to realize you spelled something wrong after you hit send? If only there was some easy way to fix it, like an edit feature. Kim Kardashian must have heard our kollective kries, because she sent an email to Twitter asking them for this advancement. She also tweeted it, to kindly let us know.


I’d like to believe that the addition of an edit button was something that came up many a time at Twitter HQ. I’m sure plenty of (non-Kardashian) people have asked for it. But what if Kim is the one to lead us to some brand new world where tweets can be revised? Twitter’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey, responded to her immediately.


Great idea? Are we to believe that this idea had never crossed his mind? A couple of years ago, Facebook fixed their status updates so they could be edited. Last fall, Instagram added the ability to edit captions on photos. If Kim is successful with this recommendation, maybe she can send a letter to Instagram next so they can allow hyperlinks and add an ignore/mute button. Thanks, Kim.

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

Disagree. you should have to LIVE IN THE SHAME of your typos, and never be able to delete them.