Saturday Night Social: Party Like Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara really knows how to celebrate her birthday. The actress, who just turned 43, shared photos of the celebration on Instagram including some of her presents. First of all, someone gave her a t-shirt of her fiancé Joe Manganiello, Photoshopped as a shirtless centaur. I hope Joe was the one that gave it to her. Let’s take another look.

Vergara also was gifted a bejeweled chalice, and enjoyed a mariachi performance. I’d like all of this for my birthday (including that Magic Mang in the back.) ::witch’s cackle::


Hope you have a sexy, centaur-themed Saturday night!

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Images via Instagram.

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I’m having a bit of an ongoing internal conflict. I think I may have a problem with alcohol abuse. I haven’t had this conversation with anyone I know, so this is all kind of sad and embarrassing for me to type out.

My issue when it comes to drinking is moderation. (I should add that this is an issue I have almost exclusively when my husband and I are out sans kids/on vacation/after the kids are in bed at night.) I can’t ever just have one or two. This isn’t to say it turns into blackout drunk, falling down- it’s that I can’t cut it off at one or two. It has to turn into three, maybe four, some occasions more. That may seem tame to some people, but I’m a smaller person and my tolerance isn’t terribly high. 3 or 4 is too many for me. I don’t drink every night, but I would say most. And I do feel like lately, I start clock watching in the late afternoon for it to hit five. I took the “how do I know if I have a drinking problem” test on NCADD’s website and scored a 4 (anything over a 2, they recommend you speak to a professional). My mother’s excessive drinking has been a talking point in my family for years. She only drinks after works hours and on the weekends, but it is definitely “abuse” and not healthy, and I’m afraid of becoming anything like that. Part of me wonders if I am being a little too paranoid about my drinking habits, having an alcoholic as a mother, and another part of me thinks that if I’ve gotten to the point where I need to ask, then I need to stop. The “itch” of wanting to start drinking in the evenings really scares me. I don’t think my husband or anyone I know would say they think I have an issue if they were asked, but there are times that I go way overboard and feel so ashamed and guilty, and I don’t think that’s a normal thing. I’ve told myself a few times that I am going to stop drinking during the week/stop drinking completely, and of course I never follow through for more than a very short period of time. I always pictured alcoholism in a very Intervention-type way, but I feel like my relationship with alcohol, while it wouldn’t qualify me for my own Intervention episode, is probably destructive and unhealthy.

I thought it would be nice to get this off my chest in an anonymous setting, and maybe hear from some people who have dealt with something similar. If you have any advice on how to quit, and stick to it, that would be great. (Sorry if this post seems all over the place, I just needed to unload.)