Wes Anderson Rarely Casts People of Color, So Whoopi Gave Him A Résumé

While promoting their new film on The View today, Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott found themselves in the middle of a job interview. Near the end of their segment, co-host Whoopi Goldberg turned the conversation to Wes Anderson. After complimenting Anderson’s films—many of which Schwartzman has starred in—she handed the actor something: her résumé.

I love all of the Wes Anderson movies, and you starred in like almost all of them...So, I noticed there’s not a lot of folks of color, and I thought I would like to give you my résumé to give to Wes Anderson...Just let him know I’m available...If you could pass him on...

While scanning it, Scott confirmed that it wasn’t just a prop. “It’s an actual resume...Whoopi, we’re impressed.” The audience laughed. The co-hosts laughed. But Whoopi’s move wasn’t a joke, but a biting piece of commentary on Anderson’s popular and award-winning films.

The most important (and most uncomfortable) moment occurred when Scott attempted to pivot the conversation to Whoopi’s former successes - as if to say, “But enough about how few people of color there are in his films...remember when you were in that one movie with the ghosts?”

Scott: Can’t you just hold up your Oscar and get anything you want?

Goldberg: I wish that were the case, baby.

Raven-Symoné’s response says it all:

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I’m sure that wasn’t awkward for Jason or Adam at all. She had no business bringing them into this. Take it up with Wes Anderson.

And enough with that dumb fucking valley girl voice. God, she bugs.