Paul Rudd and Adam Scott Showed Their Dicks In a Wedding Video Once

During Wednesday’s Late Night, Adam Scott told Seth Meyers a story about filming a video that got both he and Paul Rudd kicked out of a wedding. 10 years ago, they were asked to take part in “one of those videos where all the buddies say congratulations” to their engaged friend. But instead of saying something like, oh, “We wish both of you a lifetime of happiness,” they pulled out their dicks.

“Rudd and I, being the mature adults we are, decided, ‘well we should probably show our dicks on the video.’ We thought it would be, like, at the bachelor party. We didn’t really ask.”


After the video was shown during the wedding, Scott and Rudd were asked to leave. They apologized to everyone the following morning at brunch.

This didn’t surprise any of you, did it? Both Adam Scott and Paul Rudd have always seemed like the kinds of guys who think their dicks are the funniest things on the planet - the failsafes when there’s no other way for them to be interesting. Boring party? Pull that dick out and make ‘em laugh. Bad first date? Introduce her to Mr. Gilbert. Forgot to write a eulogy for Nana and standing speechless in front of her casket? Whip it out and tell the family what they should really be mourning.

Scott’s is the third story about famous people going to weddings of non-famous friends told on Late Night this week. But even though their first two were dick-free, I think the lesson here is simple: don’t invite famous friends to your wedding.

Unless you happen to be friends with Rihanna.

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After the video was shown during the wedding.

So someone knew this was filmed, and still decided it should be shown in the wedding video. I side with the dicks on this one!