Lawyer Claims Screech 'Meant No Harm' By 'Accidentally' Stabbing a Man

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Dustin Diamond, whom you probably remember as Screech on Saved By the Bell, is currently on trial in Wisconsin for stabbing a man with a switchblade - an incident you probably don’t remember. The alleged events took place on “Christmas night” at a bar in Port Washington, WI, and the Journal Sentinal writes that the trial is your classic game of He Said, Screech Said.

In his opening statement, Ozaukee County District Attorney Adam Gerol framed the atmosphere in the saloon that night as a standoff between the two groups — Diamond and Schutz at the bar, and a group of friends [including victim Casey Smet] and extended family at a nearby table.

He described the friends as regulars at the bar, spending time together after Christmas dinner at an aunt’s house. The defendants, on the other hand, were hostile. The couple spent most of the night “eyeballing” the group, Gerol said.


The defense, on the other hand, claimed Diamond was merely defending his fiancée by asking the group to stop photographing the two of them. After they refused to cooperate, he confronted them and “accidentally” stabbed Smet. Diamond, claims his attorney, “meant no harm.” K.

What would Mr. Belding have said about all of this? Oh, right.

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Only slightly off topic, but does anyone have specific names that are automatic no-nos for them? Like, I’ve never in my life met someone named Dustin who I liked. Except for my first boyfriend when I was fourteen, but he is also a reason I hate that name. There were like three others in my school and they were all dickwads.

Apologies to anyone named Dustin. You have a terrible name for terrible people.