The Devil Has Won: 19 Kids & Counting Is Off the Air

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America’s most awful sanctimonious family is finally getting the kind of recognition they deserve: In the wake of Josh Duggar’s admission that he had molested children as a minor, TLC has pulled 19 Kids & Counting from their schedule, removing all traces of the Duggars from our televisions. At least for now.


Yesterday, it was reported that TLC was running a 19 Kids marathon while Josh Duggar’s crimes were being publicly aired. Today, The Wrap reports that the show is gone. While TLC hasn’t commented on why it was removed or whether it will be back, no one will be celebrating memorial weekend with the Duggars. We can only hope that having their hectic shooting schedule taken away from them will give them some time to reflect upon their history of claiming that the LGBT+ population is responsible for child molestation as well as a time for them to think about how awful they’ve been to just about everyone that doesn’t agree with their ideals (like hiding child molestation with a stern talk).

Who am I kidding? I’m sure they’ll blame this on the devil, just like everything else.

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Feminist Kittenjoy [is back after a long hiatus]

YES!!! Here’s hoping they replace it with 19 Guinea Pigs and Counting