Woman Who Slashed Corpse Has History of Attacking Husband's Exes

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In the most terrible news of the day, 26-year-old Shaynna Smith was arrested for desecrating the corpse of a woman thought to have been the ex-girlfriend of Smith’s husband. Police say Smith visited the Oklahoma funeral home where the body was being kept and used a folding knife to slash the dead woman’s face from her hairline to her nose. She also cut off some hair, smeared makeup and stole shoes off the dead body. Smith was already on a deferred sentence for attacking another one of her husband’s exes back in February.

According to News On 6, a woman named Christina Perez dated Smith’s husband five years ago. Though Perez is also married, she said Smith became jealous and started stalking and harassing her last July. While at the courthouse to file a protective order, Smith assaulted her and the attack was caught on camera. Smith pleaded guilty and received an 18-month deferred sentence.

After damaging the corpse of the woman, who passed away after a longterm illness, Smith went to the apartment of the deceased, saying she was there to pick up jewelry to bring back to the funeral parlor. Police arrested her at the scene.


If this tragedy can get even worse, Perez said that the woman who passed away had only been friends with Smith’s husband.

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Reminder, because apparently this is necessary: there is not enough information here to diagnose this woman with a mental illness. The mentally ill are no more likely to be violent than the general population. You’re at best buying into and at worst actively propagating stigma when you make comments about how this woman must be crazy. Please stop assuming that anyone who is violent or mean must have a mental illness.

Most violent behavior comes from people without a mental illness.