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Mo'Nique Bought Fan a Sandwich

Illustration for article titled MoNique Bought Fan a Sandwich

After last week’s premiere of her new film Blackbird, Mo’Nique took photos with fans outside New York City’s Schomburg Center. But while almost anyone can nab a photo with a celebrity, real fans can work their way into even better souvenirs—like sandwiches and cash.

When he mentioned he was headed “to the store to get a sandwich,” Mo’Nique walked the 10-year-old to a bodega a block away and bought the lad some lunch. She then reached into her wallet and left the boy with “a wad of twenties before exiting the store.”


The report by Page Six failed to include several important details, including the type of sandwich ordered and whether or not the kid asked Mo’Nique, “So what has been going on since your Oscar win, anyway?”

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This is so random, but the “buying sandwich” part of this story reminds me of my first week back in San Francisco after moving here four years ago. I live in the Haight, and I was walking down the street with a friend when one of the “homeless” Haight Street hippie girls came up to us (this was obviously one of those who was not really homeless - like, she was dirty, but her bag was michael kors, she was super high, probably one of those rich faux runaway girls who was going to be moving back to her family’s orange county mansion in the next month or so) and stopped us in our tracks. She got right in our face and was like, “Hey, can you go in there and buy me a chicken salad sandwich?” pointing to the cafe right next to us. We were like, no, sorry? And she was like FUCK YOU and ran back to her other hippie friends laughing her ass off.

I also once was given the wrong sandwich in a deli (long story) and I tried to give it to an actual homeless woman who was like lying on a street corner, and she asked me if there was meat in it, and I said yes, and she said, “sorry, I’m vegan,” and waved me away.

there’s no point to this except that even if I were rich and famous I would feel weird about buying/giving random people sandwiches because I have not had good luck with sandwich related things in the past.