There are plenty of ways to hack your Chipotle experience. You could order a veggie burrito to get free guacamole, ask for free tortillas or taco shells on the side if you order a bowl, or get the infamous quesarito and make everyone behind you mad. But all of those are stomach-related tricks, and will do nothing to increase the speed at which you travel through the potentially grueling Chipotle line.

For the best way to cut, look to Gina Rodriguez. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Golden Globe winner confessed that she once used the pregnant belly she wore for Jane the Virgin as a way of getting her Chipotle meal before everyone else. You just point to your stomach and say, ‚ÄúExcuse me, sir? I‚Äôm really hungry. We‚Äôre really hungry.‚ÄĚ

Rodriguez noted that the trick also worked at an AT&T store, but offered a warning to those who attempt it.

I felt bad, you know?...There I am, lying to strangers, and I didn’t feel right about it.


So while you may get to enjoy your chicken burrito with black beans and white rice and all the salsas and cheese and sour cream in no time, you may suffer the unexpected side effect of a guilty conscience. So what‚Äôll it be‚ÄĒa delicious burrito or crippling guilt? That‚Äôs easy.

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