Carey Mulligan Is No Longer English

In a shocking video released today by Vogue, Academy Award-nominated actress and former Englishwoman Carey Mulligan suggested that she has renounced her citizenship of the United Kingdom and become a New Yorker. Mulligan moved to the Big Apple to star in a revival of Skylight [updated: thanks Smilla!] on Broadway, but found herself giving in to the city and its unique culture almost immediately.


Like most New Yorkers, Mulligan has begun speaking with an American
accent, wearing exclusively I <3 NY shirts and Yankees caps, eating pretzels while spinning on stationary CitiBikes, screaming movie quotes at taxis, and attending SoulCycle class whenever possible. Watch her dramatic video below.

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Emma Golddigger

I just watched all three minutes of this video thinking there would eventually be a point to it, but there was not. Now that I’ve lost three minutes of my brief life, I would like to warn the rest of you: do NOT watch this boring video! Go outside! Feel the sun on your face! Smell a flower! Pet a dog! Call your mother and tell her you love her! Pour yourself a nice shot of whiskey and drink it because you work hard and you deserve it! Live, damn you all, live! Live for us both!