Saturday Night Social: Channing Tatum's Bag Is On the Loose

Channing Tatum lost his bag. What could be in it? Breakaway pants? Sanrio gum? An old VHS of MTV’s The Grind? Can someone please find it and report back? Happy Saturday!

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dead inside

So I’m a few weeks into my college career (as an older student. Not the oldest person in my class but on the older end of the spectrum) and I’m totally loving it but I can’t believe how annoying some of my classmates are! Pretentious blowhards, people that think they’re geniuses and love to hear themselves talk and talk and taaaaalk, more than one person pretty obviously on drugs in class (not just weed) and one girl that is so consistently disruptive I find myself wishing the prof would send her to sit in the hall. A whole new world!

Anyone have any good Awful Classmate stories? Would love to hear them!