Wonder Woman Has a New Director and It's Not Angelina Jolie

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After Michelle MacLaren left her role as director of the new Wonder Woman movie, rumors swirled that superwoman Angelina Jolie would be taking the reigns. That speculation has been squashed now that Patty Jenkins, whose past work includes Monster, The Killing and Entourage, is confirmed to direct the female superhero flick.

In an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter, it’s revealed that Jenkins was close to directing Thor 2, which would have made her the first female to direct a Marvel film franchise. Ironically, she cited the same reason for leaving the Thor sequel as MacLaren did for Wonder Woman—creative differences. She’ll now be the first female director of a DC Comics superhero film. HOORAY.

If the possibility of Angelina Jolie directing a comic book movie got you excited, there’s a chance she still might. Captain Marvel, based on the comic about Carol Danvers—an air force officer who attains superhuman powers after an explosion—is still seeking a director, and Jolie herself is up for the gig. Guardians of the Galaxy’s Nicole Perlman and Inside Out’s Meg LeFauve are also in talks to pen the script.


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Angelina Jole?!

Did people actually WANT that?!