Renaissance woman Farrah Abraham has worn many hats during her brief time in the spotlight. She’s been a Teen Mom, a chef, an adult film actress, an author and now she’s adding something completely new to her resume. Farrah wants to be a plastic surgeon.

In an interview with Gossip Cop, Farrah announced that she will be shadowing Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Sergio Alvarez over the summer:

“From seeing the best and the worst in the industry and experiencing it as well, it has me wanting to pursue and achieve the best in education to help men and women from trauma scenarios to reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries.

It is incredible how important doctors our to our society and how they help individuals live up to their full potential in life. I hope to inspire and help others fulfill their best selves as I do my best to become the top doctor in the nation in my future.”

It is incredible how important doctors our to our society.

It is incredible how important doctors our to our society.

It is incredible how important doctors our to our society.

Good point, Farrah! Give the gal a medical license already!

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So Azealia Banks is dating Jesse Bradford? Like Bring It On’s Jesse Bradford? The one who sang “Oh, Torrence! Can’t stand your cheerleading squad, but I love your pom-poms! I’ll feed you bon-bons all night”? Jesse Bradford Jesse Bradford?

If hanging out at Coachella is how kids date these days, the answer is yes. Azealia Banks is dating Jesse Bradford and they (probably) met on Twitter after Bradford dissed Iggy Azalea. How does this make you feel? Do you need to lie down? [THG]

During a stand-up set at University of Pittsburgh, SNL’s Kenan Thompson talked about growing up admiring Bill Cosby and how disappointing it was when he finally met him while making the 2004 Fat Albert movie.


“Kenan started talking about moments here and there that threw him,” reports the Pitt News’ Jesse Irwin, adding that Cosby would frequently make “sexually charged” remarks: “Kenan recalled being thrown and being all like, ‘Hey, that’s not a very Cosby thing to say.’”

According to Irwin, Thompson also mentioned the dozens of sexual assault allegations against Cosby, saying “that if the allegations are true—and he made sure to mention Cosby hasn’t been found guilty of anything—that he’s a monster.” [E! Online]

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