Rihanna Gives the Most Rihanna Response to Cocaine Use Allegations

Some people have spent the better part of this morning wondering whether or not a video posted to Twitter shows Rihanna snorting cocaine during a private party at Coachella. Rihanna has now responded to the rumors in the most Rihanna fashion possible.


The caption: “#petty.”

This seems to be a denial of the allegations, but really, who knows for the sure. The point seems to be that, either way, Rihanna’s recreational drug use is none of our business.


The cocaine story seems to be a bit of a stretch anyway, since it looks pretty clearly to me like she’s rolling a joint:

But also, what if it was cocaine? Would anyone seriously be shocked that a pop star is doing drugs at a music festival? Having spent all weekend at Coachella, I can tell you that if she wasn’t on drugs, she’d be in the minority.

Plus, it’s always a glorious day when Rihanna reminds us why she’s the queen of the clapback.

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