Kim and Khloe Meet Armenian PM, Finally Put Armenia On the Map

Kim Kardashian is currently in Armenia, where she is getting in touch with her roots and commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. As part of her trip, Kim (and Khloe, and a few cousins) were invited to meet with Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, who couldn’t have been more delighted to meet the reality stars.


According to People, Kim and Khloe have been incredibly humbled by their visit to the motherland and are honored by the welcome they’ve received. They promised to continue spreading the word of the Armenian lives lost in the genocide and told the prime minister that they’re really working on their Armenian, which they’ve neglected for far too long.

For his part, Abrahamyan is certain that the Kardashians’ visit can do nothing but good things for the country, probably because he has never seen their reality show (which is wonderful, but also maybe not the best PR for anyone).

From Public Radio of Armenia:

Hovik Abrahamyan hailed the fact that members of the Kardashian family never forgets their roots and added that their visit would make our country better recognizable.

The Kardashians have also taken some time to visit some of Armenia’s most important historical landmarks and quote Helen Reddy. “I am woman, hear me roar! Blessed to be here!!!!” Khloe wrote on a photo taken in front of the Mother Armenia statue.


The Gaysian

You want to know what’s bullshit? The fact that Turkey, absolutely refuses to recognize the killings as a genocide, despite numerous evidence and testimonies showing the mass killings of Ethnic Armenians, and Ottoman Greeks.

How can they argue with something like this?