Why the Hell Are People Licking this Statue of Benedict Cumberbatch?

You may have seen, recently, the life-sized Benedict Cumberbatch made of chocolate. Well, the creators left it in a shopping center with cameras to capture the reactions. People actually, ACTUALLY broke off pieces and ate them. Haven’t you weirdos ever heard of germs?


Created as a PR stunt for UKTV, the video (via the Daily Dot) ends up being an amazing testament to what people will do even in front of cameras. Who walks up and LICKS a statue in the middle of a mall, even if it is made of chocolate? Was somebody egging them on? Would you calm pluck a fry out of the leftovers at a sidewalk cafe as you passed? Would you French a handrail???? Somebody please, please tell me that this was a hoax. I’m begging you.

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The Gaysian

As someone who’s a major germaphobe at times, I am not okay with the events that are happening currently.