MSU to Pay Tribute to 8-Year-Old Superfan Princess Lacey

Lacey Holsworth, the 8-year-old who touched the hearts and minds of the Michigan State University student body will be getting a tribute on the school’s campus later this week. The students will paint a rock that serves as the school’s bulletin board in her honor.


Holsworth first came to media attention last March when news broke of the 8-year-old’s friendship with MSU basketball player Adreian Payne whom she met while he was visiting a children’s hospital. The two kept in touch via text and Instagram after their initial meeting and Payne even took Holworth, whom he called “Princess Lacey” to home games, making her a VIP and bringing her just a little of the happiness she brought him.

While Holsworth’s battle with nerve cancer was courageous, she succumbed to the disease last April. Now, MSU is making sure her legacy isn’t forgotten. Students will be painting the rock tonight and are asking anyone who’d like to to sign it tomorrow.

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I’m not crying you’re crying.

The fact that college kids - stereotyped for being raucous and self-centered - are doing this patches up my faith in humanity.