Victoria's Big Fuckin' Secret: Your Returned Underwear Gets Shredded

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I purchased pairs on pairs on pairs of Victoria's Secret panties when I was young and knew nothing about my body or comfort. All of them pierced deep into the flesh of my hips and lower belly, and sagged in the ass. Deeply painful memories. What I didn't know then (besides what decent underwear could look and feel like) was that had I returned those frightful things, they would have been shredded.


From Business Insider:

A Victoria's Secret manager did a Reddit Ask Me Anything about what happens to returned merchandise.

"Every returned pair of panties have to get damaged out, regardless of whether the tags are still on them or not," the 22-year-old woman wrote on the website. "Then we shred them and throw them out after."

Couldn't Victoria's Secret just have given the panties a nice deep clean? I'm not tryna wear someone else's dirty panties but destroying them seems kinda extra. And apparently Victoria's Secret isn't the only company who does this:

Don't assume that a product just goes back on the shelf after you return it — at any retailer.

"By the time it's been sent back to distribution, repackaged, if it's in a condition for sale, it could have been discontinued or discounted," Clear Returns CEO Vicky Brock told Bloomberg Businessweek. "In some cases, it'll just get shredded."

The new sample sale is standing in between nice clothes and a shredder.

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Is there some really good reason why the clothes - esp. ones with tags still on - are shredded rather than donated to those in need? As you mention, a deep cleaning would take care of any suspected grossness and then these items could go to shelters or wherever they are needed.