North Carolina State University's Pi Kappa Phi has been suspended by its national leadership after a waitress at a university near campus discovered a pledge book allegedly authored by the fraternity's members. The book was filled with jokes about rape, lynching, and racial slurs. According to local news station WRAL, the frat members also signed their names. Smart!

Katie Perry, a NCSU student and a waitress at a restaurant near campus, found the book and turned it over to WRAL, which reported that it was chock-a-block with funny jokes like "That tree is so perfect for lynching," and "If she's hot enough, she doesn't need a pulse." There was also a suggestion that the group take an outing to a nearby town to "yell at niggers."


The fraternity's national leadership was quick to decry the book; Pi Kappa Phi Chief Executive Mark Timmes told WRAL it's "uncceptable" and "offensive" and "not consistent with our values." They've placed the chapter on "interim suspension," according to a brief statement on the fraternity's national website, and say they're working with the university to investigate the statements.

Pi Kappa Phi's NCSU chapter has, naturally, deleted their Facebook page and Twitter account already; they haven't yet released a statement. Their last post congratulates the class of 2018 for joining Pi Kappa Phi, which, they write, "reinforces academic pursuits, gentlemanly behavior, development of leadership, personal ethics, and offers the advantages of team effort and support."


NCSU Pi Kappa Phi members, including a gentleman in Confederate bathing suit shorts. Image via @NCSUPiKapp (cached)

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