Snoop Dogg Developing New HBO Series About '80s L.A.

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Snoop is developing an HBO series with director Allen Hughes (Menace II Society), the 43-year-old rapper announced last week at SXSW. Clearly shit is real preliminary though, because the show has no name and no premiere date.

From Vulture:

The series, set in early 1980s L.A., will follow a "family whose seemingly idyllic life is turned upside down by the collision of their community and American politics." During his SXSW keynote, Snoop described the series as one that'll show the Reaganomics effect on his community (Snoop, of course, grew up in Long Beach during that era).


During the same panel at SXSW, Snoop discussed being an early Tyler Perry adherent.

From Rolling Stone:

Snoop used the Madea director as an example of someone who could have benefited from Trapflix, his just-launched streaming service: "I was shooting a movie called The Wash [in 2000 or 2001] and one of my homegirls had brought a VCR tape to the trailer. And she put the VCR tape on and it was a church – it was like a church play, and it was funny, real funny. We were like, 'Go get us another copy of that!'" Half a decade later, the guy behind it released his debut feature film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Let's hope his admiration of Perry doesn't influence this project with HBO project.

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the top Dogg of them all?" Remains to be seen.


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