We Should Just Decide All Important Things With a Corgi Race

Next month, Wills and Kate will welcome another child. In order to predict what name the royals will give Prince George's tiny little sibling, a corgi race was held. There is no better way that I can think of solving all of the world's problems.

I won't give away who wins, although I am very partial to Albert who looks happier than all the other corgis put together. What is his secret? How can I get my fur to shine and glow like that? And can we get this kind of thing in the UN? I think peace would be easily achieved if we just had corgi races and then gave each diplomat a corgi of their own to take home. Actually, I would probably take my paycheck in corgis, too. What? You want to know how many times I've watched this video? 25, why? It's short!

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The Gaysian

Things I've discovered today thanks to imgur. Owls don't like garlic: