Dr. Pepper Is the Secret to Living Long, Healthy Life for 104-Year-Old

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We've had a lot of discussion on how to stay alive forever. More and more people are living to 100 and whether it's staying away from men or eating White Castle on the regular, every centenarian has their own way of doing things to prolong their lives. Meet Elizabeth Sullivan, who owes it all to Dr. Pepper.

Sullivan, who spoke to CBS Dallas-Fort Worth about turning 104, says that she didn't expect to make it but is till "perking" along. She's loved Dr. Pepper for over 40 years, drinking the "23 flavors" three times a day, every day. CBS doesn't mention whether she drinks Dr. Pepper hot (as it was once advertised), but I imagine she's had it every way imaginable. And she's in good health. Doctors told her to stop drinking the stuff (because soda is evil and all) and that continuing her habit would kill her but Sullivan says "they die and I don't. So there must be a mistake somewhere." That is a sick burn. Just like the one Dr. Pepper leaves on your throat as it travels down towards your esophagus.

Aside from her love of soda, Sullivan says she's happy that she is still active and can "talk to nice people." In addition, she's glad she's alive, not living in a rest home and can read books and watch TV (very important). CBS didn't ask Sullivan what her favorite show is (probably Oz, because that show is hella good) but they did ask her her secret for living. "You just keep living," she told the reporters.

Living's just a little better, though, when you get a basket of gifts from Dr. Pepper Snapple and a birthday cake in the shape of your favorite drink. So, Sullivan's going to continue drinking the soda as long as she's able. "People try to give me coffee for breakfast," she says. "I'd rather have a Dr. Pepper." Same.


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Lilly (Hungry hungry hipster!)

I am skeptical that she's lived for so long BECAUSE of the Dr. Pepper, I think it's more likely that she's just some magical-trickster-sorceress and it's IN SPITE of the Dr. Pepper.