This Puppy Riding in a Tiny Shopping Cart Is Proof of God's Love

What else is there to prove that a higher power exists other than a tiny puppy in a tiny shopping cart being ferried around a store? Take a look at that puppy's stoic little face, his tiny little paws and his giant ears and I think you'll agree that you can rest easy on that whole "does a heaven exist?" question. It does, and it's filled with millions of puppies who want to be pushed around in tiny vehicles, but are also cool when you're tired and want to take a nap. Because if there's one thing tiny dogs like more than shopping carts, it's naps.

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Fire In The Hole

Ugh - but then you know that you shouldn't bring your puppy to stores because there are people who have allergies and etc...

It's cute - all day long, it's cute - but seriously - you know your dogs just want to stay home...why does everyone insist on bringing them out for a shopping day?