Madonna: 'People Just Don't Like It When I Have Fun, I Think'

Madonna stopped by The Ellen Show Tuesday, confirming that while the things she says often do not come off well in print, her comments are always much drier and funnier on video.

First things first: if you're still obsessed with the fall heard round the world, she broke down what happened there in detail, explaining that she hates to fuck up. Yeah, we know. (Also, I feel you.)

But in the video at top, she also joked about how the paparazzi don't really bother her that much and she thinks they should bother her more.


Speaking of people the paparazzi bother: she and Ellen talked about their mutual friend Kanye West. "Sometimes he just needs to zip it," Ellen said, truthfully.

"I do think the entertainment business needs him because so many artists are consumed with being politically correct all the time, and it's really nice and refreshing to just hear people be honest. Or even not honest, but just speak their mind," said Madonna, speaking her truth.

Madonna and J. Lo seem set on convincing the world that at least hot older women can date young guys; the former said that the youngest man in the last six years she's dated was 22, but that she doesn't get what all the fuss is about.

"People just don't like it when I have fun, I think," she said. Good working theory! If you want to watch Madonna have fun, here's her performing "Living For Love." I'm personally sick of that matador costume, but to each their own.

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Kate Dries

Also: Guillermo Diaz aka Huck from Scandal said hello; he is such a big Madonna fan that he has her tattooed on his arm.

Upon meeting her, he kept his cool; upon seeing his tat, she did too. She's seen it all.