Police Detain Eight Suspects in Indian Gang Rape Investigation

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Yesterday, awful news broke that a 74-year-old nun was gang raped during a robbery in eastern Indian. Six men broke into a convent school, stole money, and ransacked the church before gang-raping the elderly nun. Video recording of the six attackers was almost immediately released to the public, along with a $1500 reward for information.

The robbery seems to have been planned in advance. The men arrived armed and carrying burglary tools.

Today, AFP is reporting that the police have detained eight men in connection with the crime. The news agency also reports that four of the six attackers have been identified through the video footage.


According to the BBC:

The Chief Minister of West Bengal has promised swift and strong action against those involved. India's federal police service, the CID, has taken over the investigation.

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Wildcat of Bombay

"The Chief Minister of West Bengal has promised swift and strong action against those involved."

URGH. The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee isn't exactly a kindred soul when it comes to tackling rape. In 2012, a woman named Suzette Jordan (she chose to waive her right to anonymity) was gangraped in car a trendy area of Kolkata, West Bengal. However, she wasn't a nun. She was a 37 year old single mother who was out for some drinks. Mamata Banerjee famously said the rape was "a manufactured incident" as a conspiracy against her government. Other ministers of her government opined that Suzette was obviously a prostitute and that the rape was a "deal that had gone wrong" (because of course, why else would a respectable woman be a) a single mother? b) be out drinking? The defense lawyers basically humiliated Suzette during the proceedings, and I think 2 of the main accused were never even caught. Meanwhile, Suzette couldn't find a job and had people on the street asking her if she was the 'Park Street Rape Victim' (even though her name wasn't released at this point, she had very distinctive hair and people easily recognised her from news footage). Suzette eventually chose to waive off her anonymity. She was on national television with Aamir Khan and proclaimed "My name is Suzette Jordan, NOT 'Park Street Rape Victim'. She sadly died 2 days ago of complications from meningitis - RIP. Neither Mamata Banerjee nor her ministers ever apologised for the horrible shit they said. I mean, can you imagine being through something like that and then have the state machinery calling you a liar?

Point of my rant, Mamata Banerjee can F*** OFF