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Vogue Editor Deletes Tasteless Instagram Post

Illustration for article titled iVogue /iEditor Deletes Tasteless Instagram Post

Yesterday, while hanging out at Paris fashion week, Vogue style editor-at-large Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis snapped and shared this picture of homeless person reading the famous fashion magazine. "Paris is full of surprises...and @voguemagazine readers in unexpected places," Thurn and Taxis captioned the Instagram post. After followers criticized the post, the Vogue editor deleted it.


Thurn and Taxis, nicknamed TNT (seriously), generally writes about typical Vogue stuff: swank parties, expensive accessories, and jet-setting around the world — subjects that, as a member of the German royal family, she probably knows quite a bit about.

Fashionista, who first caught the now-deleted Instagram post, aptly described TNT as "natural fit for the aspirational fashion mag." The style blog, as well as many of TNT's followers, were quick to point out that the post crossed the line.


Via Fashionista:

We shouldn't have to explain why her decision to put this on Instagram, as wealthy princess, was of questionable taste. After followers complained, TNT defended the post, writing in the comments: "Why cruel? The person to me is as dignified as anyone else!"

Vogue has not responded to any requests for comment.

Screen grab via Twitter.

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All Corgis All the Time

I have had grown adults throw tantrums because we wouldn't take photos of them serving the homeless people, nor would we let them photograph the clients. We have a designated group of our regular volunteers who would walk through the meal line up for photographs - and even them, only their hands were photographed. These assholes would bitch and moan that "but those are homeless people!"

A few would say things like this:

"How is anyone from my church going to know that we came here?"

"I want to share this on Facebook so that everyone can see I served the homeless on my birthday!"

etc etc