It's the first trend I remember. I showed up to school one day and all of the sudden all the skater boys were wearing the widest, most cumbersome jeans my eyes had ever seen (shouts to out Ian M. and Noah Souder-Russo). An aversion to risk, I didn't want to ride around on a skateboard, but a sucker for fashion I sure wanted a pair of them jeans.

My mom insisted she wasn't about to pay a hundo to make me look dirty. But I begged and I pleaded and, finally, a fine fine pair of JNCO jeans were copped.


And then my mom swiftly ruined my life and hemmed my JNCO jeans. I never ever got to wear them in public.

But now all that's changing because there's a petition to bring them back. I'll finally get my chance to drag all sorts of rat infested garbage along the bottom of my jeans into my house and other peoples houses.

Image via Gawker

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