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Fresh Off the Boat Sex Talk Covers Every Base, Including Date Rape

This week, Fresh Off the Boat, ABC's groundbreaking Asian American family sitcom, tackled The Sex Talk between father and son. There was also H-Town's "Knockin' da Boots," chatter about black spring break in the '90s and—thanks to Constance Wu's character Jessica's obsession with the nightly news—a brief conversation about avoiding date rape.


Between Wu, Randall Park (who plays dad Louis Huang), and Hudson Yang (who plays Eddie Huang), the show is perfectly cast. If you're not watching, you're failing at life. In addition to the great performances and comedic timing—younger brother Evan is a gem, too—the soundtrack is so good. H-Town? Set your DVR.

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You should watch this show for the sole reason of Constance Wu and her character Jessica Huang.

That is all.